Art in Mind event at the National Gallery of Ireland

Special event

Art in Mind – Explore the Interplay between the Arts and Science

17 November 14.00 - 15.30

Lecture Theatre

PLEASE NOTE: This event is now fully booked

Art seems to impact us all differently.
But how does it do that? How does art impact our minds?
Can it influence our mental state? And does science affect the process of art making?

Join us for this event exploring the positive impact that art can have on our beautiful minds. With a fascinating panel of artists, psychologists and neuroscientists, live experiments and lots of conversation, this event will highlight the connections between science and art, and will give you a deeper appreciation of the value of creativity on our minds.

Contributors include Daniel Glaser, neuroscientist and director, Science Gallery London and Gillian Murphy, lecturer in Applied Psychology and dance instructor. The event will be hosted by scientist and artist, Niamh Shaw.


Refreshments provided

A Science Week Ireland 2017 event made in collaboration with British Council Ireland, National Gallery of Ireland and Dr Niamh Shaw.

Funded under Science Foundation Ireland Discover Programme 2017 and kindly supported by Yakult Ltd and FameLab Ireland. 

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