Board of Governors & Guardians of the NGI

The Board comprises up to seventeen members, of which ten are appointed by the Minister for Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, five are ex-officio holders of the offices listed below, and two are nominated and appointed by the Royal Hibernian Academy pursuant to a power bestowed on them in the 1854 Act. Members appointed by the Minister serve terms of five years. Ex-officio members serve terms of varying duration depending on the constitution of their organisation. The current acting Chairman of the Board is Mr Matthew Dempsey.

Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA): President
Royal Dublin Society (RDS): President and Vice President
Royal Irish Academy (RIA): President
Office of Public Works (OPW): Chairman

Current membership is as follows:

Appointed by the Minister for Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs:

Ms Margaret Glynn [appointed 2 July 2014]
Ms Mary Keane  [appointed 2 July 2014]
Ms Suzanne Macdougald [appointed 26 June 2014]


Ms Clare McGrath, Chairperson OPW  [appointed 5 September 2009]
Mr Matthew Dempsey PRDS  [appointed  2 December 2010]
Mrs Bernie Brennan RDS  [appointed 6 December 2013]
Professor Mary Daly PRIA  [appointed 15 March 2014]
Mr Stephen McKenna RHA [appointed 21 October 2015]
Mr Mick O'Dea PRHA  [appointed 14 October 2014]
Ms Vivienne Roche RHA [appointed 21 October 2015]