Directors Office

The Director

Under its statutes the affairs of the National Gallery are entrusted to a Board of Governors and Guardians who are responsible for policy and oversight.  The statutes provide for a post of a Director, who is appointed by the Board, and is responsible for the operation of the institution.

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Press Room

The Press & Communications Office is responsible for liaising with news agencies and the media at large.  It plays a key role in communicating the mission of the Gallery and through its contacts with the media keeping the public informed of events and programmes.  Additionally the Press Office is directly involved in the publication of the Gallery News, Annual Reports and updating the gallery website in the relevant areas, press releases etc...

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Development Office 

In managing its affairs and to deliver on the expectations of its public, the National Gallery of Ireland complements its official budget allocation with funding derived from a variety of third party sources.  Such sources include commercial sponsorship of programmes and events, endowments and fellowships and support from foundations, patrons, benefactors and the public at large.  The National Gallery of Ireland is a registered Charity. For more information on supporting activities in the Gallery contact the Development Office.

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