Code of Conduct for Group Visits

In the interest of individual and group visitors to the National Gallery we would appreciate your help in adhering to the code of conduct below:

Groups should enter the Gallery by the entrance and at the time specified on their booking confirmation slip.

Group Leaders will be asked to register at the Information Desk on arrival and carry their identification with them during their visit.

While in the Gallery we ask that groups follow the instructions of Gallery Security Attendants, Guides and Information Desk staff.

For school groups (under 18) there should be one responsible adult allocated to every 15 students and they must remain with the group at all times.  This ratio decreases to 1:10 for children under 10 and 1:5 for children under 5.

Coats and large bags must be checked into a Group ‘Storage Bin’. An agreed collection time will be organised with the Group Leader.  Items will not be returned individually. As storage space in the gallery is limited we would ask groups to leave large bags on buses when possible.

Please be aware of the needs of other visitors. Avoid congregating in doorways, stairways or passages where possible.

Only one tour can be conducted in any room at any given time. If there is a group ahead of you please be patient. Similarly, if there is a group waiting to view the room you are in, please be considerate!

The following is not permitted inside the National Gallery:

- Touching any artwork (including sculpture)
- Running and shouting
- Eating or drinking (anywhere other than in Gallery restaurants)
- Photography and video filming
- Smoking
- Dropping rubbish
- Using mobile phones