Essential Ireland

Essential Ireland

Press Release: April 2013

‘Essential Ireland: a mini tour’

6 April - 28 July 2013. Admission free.

To mark ‘The Gathering Ireland 2013’, the National Gallery of Ireland has put together a special exhibition, ‘Essential Ireland: a mini tour’, featuring picturesque images of popular destinations around the country.

Many of Ireland’s major cities and beauty spots appear in works in the Gallery’s historic collection, including paintings, maps and guidebooks dating from the 1800s.

In the eighteenth century, it became fashionable to tour Ireland, and many artists began to publish prints of views, which were available individually, in sets or specially produced for travel books with commentary. Visual records of tourist attractions such as the Lakes of Killarney, Glendalough Monastery and the Mountains of Mourne, achieved a popularity that has endured since.

The exhibition, which has been curated by Adrian Le Harivel, is on view in Room 1 in the Millennium Wing, until 28 July. It features some 20 scenic views of Ireland in a variety of media by James Malton ( The Custom House’ and ‘St. Patrick’s Cathedral’); Dennis Sullivan ( The Mountains of Mourne’ ); John Varley ('The Lakes of Killarney’ ); Francis Place (‘Kilkenny Castle and City from Wind Gap Hill’), and John Lavery (‘St. Patrick’s Purgatory, Lough Derg’).

An associated series of talks will take place during May, on the theme, ‘Picturesque Images of Ireland’.

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