Walter Strickland, Director 1915-1916

Walter Strickland NGI Director 1915-1916

Shortly after Hugh Lane’s death on the Lusitania, Walter Strickland (1850-1928) was appointed Acting Director of the Gallery. Known as an art historian, bibliographer, and antiquary, Strickland was Registrar of the Gallery since 1894, during which time he compiled a catalogue of the Gallery’s national portrait section.  His appointment as Acting Director caused disquiet amongst a number of Board members who felt that they had been misled, and the appointment was eventually overturned.  Strickland, however, remained in the Gallery as Registrar, with additional responsibilities, until his retirement the following year.  His extensive research over some twenty years into the history of Irish art and artists culminated in the publication of A Dictionary of Irish Artists in 1913.  This catalogues the lives of artists, engravers, and sculptors from the earliest times, and includes many reproductions of portraits.