A tracte containing the artes...

Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo

A tracte containing the artes of curious paintinge carvinge and buildinge, [by] Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo ; translated by Richard Haydocke

Oxford : 1598

710LOM, NGI Art Library

One of  the oldest publications held by the library, this is the first English translation of Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo’s treatise on art,Trattato dell’arte de la pittura (Milan, 1584).  Lomazzo (1538-1600) was a mannerist artist, better known for his writings on art theory, which he turned to later in life as a result of failing eye sight. The Trattato, also held in the collection, is one of the earliest painting manuals ever published providing advice to artists on many aspects of painting and was widely consulted throughout the centuries. Richard Haydocke embarked on translating theTrattato while still a student in Oxford. An interesting character himself, Haydocke later became a pysician and gained notoriety as the 'sleeping preacher' for delivering sermons in his sleep.  These sermons were later proven to be a sham.  His translation covers most of the first five books of theTrattato.  The illustrations that feature throughout were executed by Haydocke and are based on illustrations in Dürer’s drawing manual, Vier Bücher (1528) .  A self-portrait is included on the title page.  This book was donated to the library by George Mulvany (1809-1869), the Gallery’s first Director, who was also a painter.