Art Appreciation: Visiting an Exhibition

Visiting an exhibition for the Art Appreciation section of the Leaving Cert Art History exam

Download our handout on 'Visiting an Exhibition': PDF [82kb] MSWord [75kb]

About the exhibition question:

This handout can be used both during your visit and as a revision tool afterwards. It should help you focus on the different elements of the exhibition and help you record your Gallery visit. Use the space provided to make notes/sketches/diagrams/mind-maps. Look at the sample exam questions provided and think about how you would answer them based on this visit.

Some important points to remember:

The examiner is not looking for ‘stock’ answers. Form your own opinion on the exhibition and use the information you gather during your visit to back up your answer. Don’t be afraid to be critical!

Read the question carefully—which elements of the exhibition are relevant to your answer?

Refer to knowledge and practical experience gained in your art class to reinforce your opinions

Don’t just rely on your school trip—visit other exhibitions and ask yourself the same questions. This will help build your confidence in answering this section of the paper.