Transition Year

Teenagers' Workshop underway in the Atrium

The Gallery provides tours suitable for transition year students focusing on interdisciplinary themes, including tourism studies, fashion and costume design, historical figures and national identity.

Tour groups require an adult supervision ratio of 1:15 if booking a Gallery guide. If you prefer a self-guided visit please provide advance notice and an adult supervision ratio of 1:15.

Some popular themes with Transition Years groups:

  • Highlights:  An introduction to the National Gallery including well known works from Irish artists and European Masters.
  • Directions: What choices do artists make and why? Explore popular themes in art and note how artists treat them differently employing varying techniques and media.
  • Portraits: Study how artists go about making portraits and how they use props to tell us more about the subject. With smaller groups the class can be combined with a short workshop (must be booked in advance).

For booking and further information go direct to Booking a Visit