Senior Cycle



Leaving Certificate Art History: Visiting the Gallery

The Gallery offers free discussion-based tours focusing on specific areas of the Leaving Certificate Art History curriculum.

If you wish to cover more than two topics in-depth or if you plan to remain in the Gallery for a self-guided visit or sketching after your tour please enquire about booking an extended visit.  The average visit takes one hour.

You can book separate tours for 5th year and 6th year groups if required, and we can also accommodate Transition Year and Junior Cycle classes at the same time. Please provide a minimum of 3 weeks notice if you wish to book this option.

For booking and further information go direct to Booking a Visit

Resources for Leaving Cert Students and Teachers

The Education team have developed a range of learning resources for Leaving Cert students and their teachers. Find out more

Please Note: Leaving Cert Study Days will not be taking place until further notice.