Junior Cycle Visits

Inspired by Picasso's 'Still Life with a Mandolin'. (Harriet Muldrew)

A visit to the Gallery can be a rewarding experience for Junior Cycle students, enhancing their study of art and history.

Visiting school groups require an adult supervision ratio of 1:15 when using a Gallery guide. A ratio of 1:15 also applies where teachers wish to provide self-guided tours, following advance notice and approval for visit.

Junior Certificate Support Studies

Tours can be tailored to your requirements - choose from the themes listed below or specify your own preferences when booking.

  • Directions: What choices do artists make and why? Explore popular themes in art and note how artists treat them differently employing varying techniques and media.
  • Portraits: Study how artists go about making portraits and how they use props to tell us more about the subject. With smaller groups the class can be combined with a short workshop (must be booked in advance).
  • Renaissance: Explore examples of early, middle and late Renaissance art from Italy and Northern Europe. Suitable for Junior Certificate History. Classroom resources are available.

For booking and further information go direct to Booking a Visit