Activities: Signac


Detail from Paul Victor Jules Signac, 'Lady on the Terrace' (1898)



Take a moment to look at the painting.

  • How does Signac treat the water, clouds and shrubbery in the foreground of the painting?
  • Examine the figure closely. Has Signac only used dots to define her profile or can you make out any continous lines?



How does Neo-Impressionism differ from Impressionism? Think about:

  • use of colour
  • application of paint
  • depiction of light and shaddow
  • perspective



Create your own... Pointillist Painting/Collage!

Signac created this image by carefully placing small dots of color side by side. When viewed up close, the individual dots of color are discernible, but from a distance, they fuse together to form the image. He believed that the pointillist technique was the most precise way to record color and light. Use Signac’s dotting technique to create your own pointillist painting or layer small pieces of torn paper to create a collage!  

Compose... An Exhibition Label

If you were to give this work a new title what would it be? Compose a short label text (no more than 250 words) around your title- it can be fact or fiction!