Activities: Corot

Detail from Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (1796–1875), Willows, c.1860

Detail from Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, 'Willows' (c.1860)



Take a moment to look at the painting.

  • What can you see in the fore/middle/background?
  • Write down five to ten words that you feel best describe it, using visual evidence from the work to explain your choices.



Compare this work with View of Powerscourt Waterfall by George Barret. 

What similarities/differences can you find between them? Think about:

  • genre
  • subject-matter
  • composition
  • brush-stroke



Define... Landscape

  • Define 'landscape' in your own words.
  • What elements/features make this a landscape? Use visual evidence from the work to explain your response.
  • Compose a set of rules or guidelines for painting an 'Impressionist landscape'.

Recreate the effect... Mood

Take a photograph or find an image in a magazine of a landscape or cityscape that you like. Do a few quick sketches of the image with pencils or charcoal. Now try painting it, firstly using warm colours, and then cooler ones. Line the finished pieces up and compare them, taking note of how the medium you used (pencil/charcoal/paint) and the colour palette (black & white, cool or warm colours) affect the mood of the image.