Activities: Cézanne


Detail from Paul Cézanne, 'La Montagne Sainte-Victoire from Les Lauves, near Aix-en-Provence' (1902–04)



Take a moment to look at the painting.

  • Describe the structure and composition of the work.
  • Does it look 'finished' to you? Use visual evidence from the work to support your response. 


Cézanne was a highly experimental artist whose style changed greatly over the course of his career. Compare and contrast this image with his painting L'Estaque (1879-83. Museum of Modern Art, New York) according to the following properties:

  • subject-matter
  • colour pallet
  • brushstroke
  • composition



Recreate the effect... Perspective

Cézanne was known for his experimental approach to the depiction of perspective. Experiment with perspective yourself, by painting an object of your choice from multiple angles on the same page, using a different colour each time!

Create your own... Impressionist Watercolour

Create your own Impressionist watercolour, using fewer brushstokes and less paint to pick out the highlights of your subject-matter.