The National Gallery of Ireland is especially grateful for the support of BNP Paribas and BNP Paribas Foundation in sponsoring the Claude Monet Research and Conservation Project. Through their generous support, the position of Monet Painting Conservation Fellowship was made possible; a learning program for Irish Students was implemented; travel and research funds were made available and specialist tools and materials were purchased. This funding also provided for the production of an online education resource on the Gallery’s French nineteenth century Collection.

The exchange of professional expertise and encouragement was of particular importance during the research stage of this project. Sincere thanks to Pierre Curie, Head of Painting Conservation in the Research and Restoration Centre of Musées de France (C2RMF) and his colleagues: Luc Bouiller, Head of Documentation and Archive Department and collaborators Marie-Liesse Boquien and Christian David. We would particularly like to thank the conservators Bénédicte Trémolières, Francisca Hourrière, and Jean-Pascal Viala. Advice on specialist tear mending was provided by Petra Demuth, Dipl. Rest.,Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences at the Fachhochschule, Cologne.

Important links between the National Gallery of Ireland Conservation Department and fellow Institutions in Ireland allowed for the crucial analysis of material components from the painting. Special thanks are due to Dr David Savage of The State Laboratory of Ireland; Dr Heath Bagshaw at the Centre for Microscopy and Analysis in Trinity College; and Dora Murphy and Carol Smith at the National Museum of Ireland.