NGI Code of Conduct for Schools

Groups should enter the Gallery by the entrance and time specified on their booking confirmation slip.

Students remain the responsibility of the group leader/teacher during their visit. Group leaders may be asked to wear identification during the visit and/or leave a contact number at reception.

supervision ratio of 1 responsible adult to every 15 students is recommended. If possible, this should be 1:10 minimum for students under 10, and 1:5 for students under 5. Please do not count Special Needs Assistants who are assigned to one-to-one support of individual students.

To avoid overcrowding in Gallery spaces and to comply with our Child Protection Policy, large classes/school groups will be subdivided into smaller groups. Guided groups are allocated one guide for a maximum of 15 students. Self-guided groups will also be sub-divided into groups of 15 students.

There must be one teacher or designated responsible adult allocated to each group and they must remain with their students at all times. There must be sufficient accompanying adults to facilitate subdivision of larger groups. It may not be possible to facilitate your school visit if there are not enough accompanying adults to supervise the students.

Group leaders and students must follow the instructions of Gallery Security Attendants, Guides and Information Desk staff during their visit.

All students and teachers' coats and bags must be checked into a Group 'Storage Bin' in the cloakroom. As storage space in the Gallery is limited, groups are asked to leave bags on buses when possible.

The following is not permitted inside the Gallery:

- Touching any artwork (including sculpture)
- Running and shouting
- Eating or drinking (anywhere other than in Gallery restaurants)
- Photography and video filming
- Smoking
- Dropping rubbish
- Using mobile phones