Edvard Munch: Prints

Installation shot of Munch:Prints exhibition © Alvin Perry, Fresh Design.

Edvard Munch: Prints
19th September– 6th December 2009

Beit Wing (Rooms 6-10)

Prints by Norway’s greatest artist, Edvard Munch (1863-1944), selected by Peter Black, Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow featured in this exhibition. Forty lithographs, etchings and drypoints spanning the artist’s career included: Death and the Woman (1894), The Scream (1895), Madonna (1895) and The Sick Child (1896), as well as Munch’s greatest self-portrait print of 1895. A number of his impressive woodcuts, printed in colour using an innovative technique, also featured. An exhibition from the Munch Museum, Oslo, organised by the Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery, University of Glasgow and curated for the National Gallery of Ireland by Anne Hodge.

Exhibition Catalogue:
'Edvard Munch: Prints', by Peter Black, Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery, University of Glasgow, and Magne Bruteig, Munch Museum, Oslo.