On Tour with Turner

Joseph Mallord William Turner ‘Lake Lucerne from Fluelen’, 1841

On Tour with Turner
1st – 31st January 2006

Print Gallery

In 2006, the National Gallery of Ireland’s annual Turner exhibition aimed to highlight the artist's enthusiasm for travel, the destinations that inspired him both at home and abroad, and included contemporary eye-witness accounts of his annual tours.

Travel played an essential part in the life of British born artist, Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851), supplying vital material for his topographical work and igniting the imaginative processes behind his historical and poetical paintings. The majority of Turner's paintings and watercolours depict places he had actually observed. He undertook more than fifty-six tours and amassed an extensive collection of over 300 sketchbooks, which comprise some 10,000 sketches and studies. The dynamic changes that occurred during Turner's lifetime, in the realm of transport and patterns of travel, which the artist harnessed to his advantage, are seen in many of his works.

The exhibition included the Vaughan Bequest of Turner watercolours along with a selection of prints from the Liber Studiorum series as well as his Annual Tour of the Seine (1834/5) and The Loire (1833).

Exhibition Brochure:
On Tour with Turner
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