'Alive Alive O!'-Dublin Street Life 1750-1900

Hugh Douglas Hamilton, Anna Helena Trench (1741-1831)

Alive, Alive O! Dublin Street Life 1750-1900.
June 19th – 24th August 2003

Print Gallery

To celebrate the opening of the ESB Centre for the Study of Irish Art (CSIA), the National Gallery of Ireland organised an exhibition entitled 'Alive Alive O!'-Dublin Street Life 1750-1900'.

The exhibition chronicled street life in a changing city over one and a half centuries, through maps, prospects, topographical and idealized views, and studies of individual characters. It recorded the vibrancy and grandeur of the capital as well as the hardship endured by Dublin's more disenfranchised and indigent population.

The focal point of the exhibition was the remarkable album of drawings of Dublin hawkers and other characters by Hugh Douglas Hamilton (1740-1808) entitled The Cries of Dublin &c, produced in 1760 when the artist was just twenty years of age. As well as Hamilton, other artists represented included Joseph Tudor, John James Barralet, James Malton, George Petrie, Samuel Lover and Walter Osborne.

Exhibition Brochure:
Alive, Alive O!’ – Dublin Street Life 1750-1900
© 2003 National Gallery of Ireland
Editors Brendan Rooney and Anne Hodge
Published in association with ESB