'Merrion Row and Tracton House from St Stephen's Green'

Walter Osborne, ‘Merrion Row and Tracton House from St Stephen’s Green’, c.1895

Walter Osborne (Dublin 1859 – 1903 Dublin) 
Merrion Row and Tracton House from St Stephen’s Green, c.1895

Graphite on paper
Purchased, 1903
NGI 2546

‘The two young men walked up the street without speaking, the mournful music following them. When they reached Stephen's Green they crossed the road. Here the noise of trams, the lights, and the crowd, released them from their silence.’
Two Gallants p.64*

Lenehan and Corley turn onto Stephen’s Green from Kildare Street on their perambulation through the dark city centre streets. Like Joyce, Osborne observes the ordinary details of lamps, cabs and passers-by, even recording in inscriptions on the sheet, notes on colour such as the red brick of Tracton House and slate roofs. He knew this area well as he had a studio at number 7 St Stephen’s Green.


*Please note: page numbers cited in the labels refer to The O’Brien Press 2012 edition of Dubliners by James Joyce, published to coincide with the ‘One City, One Book’ festival 2012. This edition is for sale in the NGI Shop.

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