'Weavers' Hall, The Coombe, Dublin'

Flora H. Mitchell, ‘Weavers’ Hall, The Coombe, Dublin’, c.1950s

Flora H. Mitchell (Nebraska 1890 – 1973 Dublin)
Weavers’ Hall, The Coombe, Dublin, c.1950s  

Ink and watercolour on paper
Purchased, 1969
NGI 7305

‘I walked away slowly along the sunny side of the street, reading all the theatrical advertisements in the shop-windows as I went. I found it strange that neither I nor the day seemed in a mourning mood and I felt even annoyed at discovering in myself a sensation of freedom as if I had been freed from something by his death.’
The Sisters, p.17*

There had been a weavers’ hall in the Liberties on the south side of the city since the 1680s. In 1745 the building depicted by Flora Mitchell was erected thanks to funds provided by the Huguenot banker David Digges La Touche. The Weavers’ Guild Hall was demolished in 1956. In the quote from Dubliners above, the young narrator describes Great Britain Street, now Parnell Street, on the north side of the city.


*Please note: page numbers cited in the labels refer to The O’Brien Press 2012 edition of Dubliners by James Joyce, published to coincide with the ‘One City, One Book’ festival 2012. This edition is for sale in the NGI Shop.


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