'Going to the Levèe at Dublin Castle'

Rose Barton, ‘Going to the Levèe at Dublin Castle’, 1897

Rose Barton (Rochestown, Co. Tipperary 1865 – 1929 London)
Going to the Levèe at Dublin Castle, 1897 

Watercolour on paper
Presented, Miss R. Havericks, 1947
NGI 2989

‘They drove down Dame Street. The street was busy with unusual traffic, loud with the horns of motorists and the gongs of impatient tram-drivers.’
After the Race, p.52*

Barton’s atmospheric watercolour shows carriages sweeping up Cork Hill from Dame Street to enter the Castle Yard through the Gateway of Justice. The ‘Season’ at the Castle began with the Levèe an afternoon party for male guests, given by the Lord Lieutenant. The poorer citizens of Dublin thronged the streets to watch the elegant upper classes drive through the city.


*Please note: page numbers cited in the labels refer to The O’Brien Press 2012 edition of Dubliners by James Joyce, published to coincide with the ‘One City, One Book’ festival 2012. This edition is for sale in the NGI Shop


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