Charles James Patrick Mahon M.P. (1800-91), Adventurer and Soldier

Daniel Maclise, 'Charles James Patrick Mahon M.P. (1800-91), Adventurer and Soldier', 1828

Charles James Patrick Mahon M.P. (1800-91), Adventurer and Soldier, 1828

Black chalk and ink on paper, 31 x 23.2 cm

Purchased, Dublin, Miss F. O'Gorman, 1892

NGI. 2180

This sketch by Maclise depicts Charles James Patrick Mahon. Born in Ennis, Co. Clare,  he was educated at Trinity College, Dublin and became known as ‘The O'Gorman Mahon’. He led an extravagant lifestyle travelling the world, and there are many unverified stories of his exploits abroad. He was involved in numerous military operations around the world including the American Civil War.  He was close to Daniel O’Connell and was a member of O’Connell’s Catholic Association. Maclise also includes an inscription describing an altercation between O’Gorman Mahon and a judge, over the former’s inappropriate costume, during polling at Ennis courthouse for the 1828 Clare by-election. O’Gorman Mahon was there to support O’Connell and wore a national costume displaying a medal of the Order of the Liberators.