A Memoir of Daniel Maclise

Frontispiece self-portrait by Daniel Maclise from W. Justin O'Driscoll, 'A Memoir of Daniel Maclise', 1871

A Memoir of Daniel Maclise, RA by W. Justin O'Driscoll; frontispiece self-portrait by Daniel Maclise

London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1871

Available in NGI Library Special Collections: 709.415MAC

The memoir charts Daniel Maclise’s life from his early training in Cork through to his successes in London, in particular the Houses of Parliament commission. O’Driscoll, who was a close friend of Maclise, uses personal anecdotes and those of Maclise’s sister Anna and friends, to build up the story of the artist’s life. While Maclise did not illustrate this book, a self-portrait which he gave as a gift to O'Driscoll in 1829, adorns the frontispiece.