Samuel Forde 1805 - 1828

Samuel Forde, Self-Portrait (Portrait of the Artist), c.1828. © Crawford Art Gallery, Cork

Samuel Forde, Self-Portrait (Portrait of the Artist), c.1828

Oil on board, 45.0 x 33.0 cm


© Crawford Art Gallery, Cork

Cork-born painter Samuel Forde became friends with Maclise when they were both students of the Cork Society of Arts.  Maclise was the more outgoing of the two, and when Forde was attacked outside the school, Maclise came to his rescue, fighting off the attackers with a canvas he was carrying. The painting, Aeneas bearing Anchises from the sacking of Troy, was destroyed in the process. Forde was trained to work in distemper which allowed him to secure commissions in theatres, including the ceiling of Cork Theatre. Like Maclise, his art was influenced by literary themes; his painting, Vision of Tragedy (c.1825), is based on Milton. Forde’s career was cut short by tuberculosis, and he died at the age of 23 in Cork.