Benjamin Disraeli 1804 - 1881

Daniel Maclise (1806-1870)

Portrait of Benjamin Disraeli from The Maclise Portrait Gallery of Illustrious Literary Characters with Memoirs by William Bates

London: Chatto and Windus, Piccadilly, 1883

Benjamin Disraeli, earl of Beaconsfield, prime minister and novelist, was the eldest son of Isaac D'Israeli (1766–1848). Isaac was acquainted with Thomas Crofton Croker through their mutual interest in antiquarian studies, and it was Crofton Croker who introduced Daniel Maclise to the Disraeli family when he first arrived in London. There was only a two year age difference between Maclise and Benjamin, and the two enjoyed a close friendship for several years based on their shared love of literature, medieval studies, and socialising. Maclise completed portraits of all members of the Disraeli family, including one of Benjamin which was included in Fraser’s Magazine in 1833.