Label found on the back of Maclise's 'The Marriage of Strongbow and Aoife'

Condition before conservation: The labels were in poor condition and unevenly adhered to the wooden member which was resulting in further damages to the discoloured acidic paper. Multiple tears and losses to the paper and fading of the black ink had left the inscription hard to read on the darkened paper.

Conservation treatment: The label was photographed and surface cleaned. After testing the media in the different solutions the label was lightly humidified and gently separated from the wooden member. The minor accretions were removed from the back of the label. The associated adhesive, brush hair and splinters were removed with a scalpel after softening the glue. To remove acidity, staining and discoloration from the paper the object was washed and de-acidified. The object was then humidified and pressed to remove distortions and the label was lined onto Japanese paper to support any weaknesses. After the final retouching the label was photographed and placed into a polyester pocket for archival purposes.