Project Timeline

24 February 2012

NGI Paintings Conservator Martina Freschi helps Peggy with the final stages of cleaning the painting

22 January 2012

Following the Christmas break the NGI conservation team continues the task of cleaning the painting.

22 December 2011

The entire painting is almost cleaned and the NGI conservation team take a break to plan the next stage of the project.

15 December 2011

All the central figures throughout the painting are now clean. The epic task of cleaning is almost complete with only the outer edges of the painting left to work on.

30 November 2011

Paintings conservator Peggy Reme continues the complicated cleaning process throughout November. Over two thirds of the painting is now clean.

08 November 2011

The cleaning of Princess Aoife is finally complete. For the first time in many years the beautiful detail of Aoife’s gown and jewels can be fully appreciated.


01 November 2011

Maclise’s attention to detail and meticulous application of paint is revealed throughout the cleaning process. 

26 October 2011

Following the analysis undertaken in early October, cleaning has recommenced in earnest and the conservators are hard at work keeping the project on schedule.


12 October 2011

The C2RMF team pack up their equipment to return home and interpret the analysis completed over the last few days.


10 October 2011

C2RMF’s portable X-ray Diffractometer and X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer for in-situ analysis of precious art works is the only one of its kind in Europe. Using the tri-pod and laser sighting system, the spectrometer is placed within proximity of the area to be analysed. A digital camera records the area, while the position sensitive and energy sensitive x-ray detector captures both mineral and elemental analysis information.