Project Timeline

17 August 2012

The conservation team continue to retouch some of the most complicated areas of loss; Paintings conservator Martina Freschi finishes the retouching the figures in the foreground of the painting.

27 July 2012

Luminosity and detail is returned to Maclise’s fine brush work throughout restored areas of damage.

02 May 2012

The project conservators and Head of Conservation, Simone Mancini, work out a retouching technique that will reduce the appearance of damages in the painting.

04 July 2012

The Conservation team make some final adjustments to the stability of the original stretcher.

20 June 2012

Whilst the intricate job of retouching the old damages on Maclise’s iconic painting continues in the conservation studio, restoration of the original stretcher is also underway with wood conservation specialist Sven Habermann joining the project team to carry out repairs on the original stretcher.

06 June 2012

Retouching continues as detail to damages in the paint-layer is re-established.

16 May 2012

A reversible process of watercolour retouching is selected to reduce the appearance of damage and abrasion throughout the painting.

11 April 2012

Maclise project conservators Peggy Reme and Martina Freschi carry out sample tests on different sections of the painting to see which retouching method is most suitable across Maclise’s broad range of colours.

28 March 2012

Levels of damage and abrasion are assessed and the conservation team start some tests to establish what will be the most suitable retouching materials and technique to use.

27 March 2012

Following seven months of painstakingly delicate work The Marriage of Strongbow and Aoife is clean. Years of dirt and grime that covered the surface have been removed and the clarity of Maclise’s beautiful colours have been restored to what he originally intended.