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Detail from Pietro Bellori, 'Le vite de pittori', 1728 edition (Sir Denis Mahon collection)

Engraved portrait of Caravaggio from 'Vite dei Pittori, Scultori ed Architetti Moderni. Descritte da Gio' by Pietro Bellori (1613-1696), 1728. Sir Denis Mahon Library and Archive, NGI


Researching Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1573-1610) at the National Gallery of Ireland


The Taking of Christ is heavily featured in monographs held in the National Gallery of Ireland’s art library, with seven books featuring the painting on their front covers, therefore showing the current popularity not only of the artist but the high level of esteem that this particular painting holds internationally. Indeed a novel was written on this one painting; ‘The lost painting; the quest for a Caravaggio masterpiece’ by Jonathan Harr (2005) which discusses the commission of the painting, its provenance and then discovery at the residence of the Society of Jesuits, Dublin in 1993.

The principle journal articles that discuss this painting are authored by Francesca Cappelletti (Burlington, 1993), and Sergio Benedetti (Burlington,1993, 1995). Caravaggio is frequently discussed in more general guides to Italian baroque painting, but the earliest books which discuss his achievements date from the late 17th century.  

An early critical assessment of Caravaggio’s paintings, held in the National Gallery of Ireland, is ‘Le vite dei pittori’ written by Pietro Bellori (1613-1696) which includes an engraved plate of the artist accompanying the text (see above). This very rare book comes from the collection of the late Sir Denis Mahon and provides an important contextual account of the artist’s life (the original edition dating from 1672) and an indication of the contemporary appreciation of his work, being written relatively shortly after his death in 1610.  


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