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Detail from letter to Margaret Stokes from Frederic William Burton, April 27, 1899

A letter from F.W. Burton to Miss Margaret McNair Stokes, 27 April 1899

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When F.W. Burton originally sold The Meeting on the Turret Stairs to a dealer in 1864 he retained the copyright for the painting. In this letter Burton states that he has been sorting through old documents and found some "scraps" relating to the painting and its copyright that he was sending to Stokes as she had purchased the artwork in 1898. He goes on to say that he now considers Stokes the copyright holder for the painting.

In the letter, written a year before Burton's death, the artist complains about the changeable weather, stating:

The fitful changes of wind and weather cannot but keep one back. Of a rainy day, for example, I am as limp as a drowned caterpillar.