Portrait of James Gandon (1743-1823), Architect

William Cuming & Tilly Kettle, 'James Gandon (1743-1823), Architect', begun c.1783 , completed c.1796. NGI.1783.

William Cuming (1769-1852) and Tilly Kettle (1735-1786)
Portrait of James Gandon (1743-1823), Architect, c.1786-c.1796

Oil on canvas, 123 x 98 cm
Purchased, 1965

Tilly Kettle, an English artist visiting Ireland in 1783, painted Gandon’s face in this large portrait, but the rest of the picture was completed by William Cuming, an accomplished Irish portrait painter. In the picture, Gandon, the English architect, appears on the roof of the Parliament House (now the Bank of Ireland) in College Green, Dublin, holding architectural plans, including those for the Four Courts. In the background, a number of Gandon’s designs are visible in the Dublin skyline, including the lantern of the Rotunda Hospital, the Custom House and the Four Courts themselves. Gandon also played a part in the design of the Parliament House.

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