Modern European Painting

Detail from Emil Nolde, ‘Two Women in a Garden’, 1915. ©Nolde-Stiftung Seebull.

Modern European painting is represented by a variety of artists, many of whom trained, worked and exhibited in Paris during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Among the most prominant works are intimate domestic interiors by the Nabis painter Pierre Bonnard and Stella in a Flowered Hat (c.1907) a Fauve composition by Kees van Dongen. One of the highlights of the collection is Pablo Picasso's monumental Still-Life with a Mandolin. Executed in 1924, it is one of nine similar synthetic cubist compositions that he painted at this time. Cubism is further represented by the Pierrot (1921) by Juan Gris and by Albert Gleizes's Crucifixion (1935). A notable example of the ‘Ecole de Paris’ is the expressionistic Landscape with Flight of Stairs (c.1922) by Chaïm Soutine, a Jewish artist from Belarus who settled in Paris in 1913.

Works by German Expressionist artists include Emil Nolde's Two Women in a Garden (1915), Hermann Max Pechstein's Departing Boats, Nidden (1920) and Girl with a Red Ribbon (1908) by Gabriele Münter. The collection also holds Lyonel Feininger’s fragmented townscape Umpferstedt III (1919).