Primary Schools

(l-r) Moynan; Gris; Avercamp

Look and Respond

Our Primary School programme has been developed to complement the visual arts curriculum and provide opportunities for linkage and integration within the wider primary curriculum.

Guided tours: Choose a theme from the list below or specify your own.

  • Art Tales: Every picture tells a story! Explore some of the best loved works in the collection and learn their stories.
  • Animals: From cats hiding under the table to camel trains in the desert - discover the collection through animals in art.
  • The Five Senses: Look and respond to art works and imagine the sounds, smells, tastes and textures of what we see.
  • Portraits: Portraits can tell us more than just what an individual looked like – we look for the clues about the person and how they lived.
  • The Four Seasons: Explore different ways in which artists are inspired by the changing seasons.
  • Colour, Line & Shape: Focus on the visual elements - line, shape, colour and tone, pattern and rhythm, texture and spatial organisation - and how artists have used them expressively over time.
  • Irish History: Meet some of the historic figures who have shaped Irish history - rulers and rebels, politicians and poets - in the National Portrait Collection.

Tips for your visit

View all writers Search the online collection for more ideas (Note: We cannot guarantee that specific works will be on display on the day of your visit)

In the media Check out our Primary School resources

Download Download our list of suitable paintings for each theme

See the calendar of events For bookings go direct to Booking a Visit