Destination Europe: Landscapes from the Collection

Hercules Brabazon Brabazon, 'Houses on Capri'.

Destination Europe: Landscapes from the Collection

11th September  –  10th December 2006

Print Gallery

This exhibition examined artists’ depictions of scenic locations in Europe. It featured ideal landscapes inspired by Claude Lorrain’s classical views of the Italian campagna alongside topographical views of Venice and Rome produced for the tourist market.  The works selected reflected the changes in taste and developments in travel over the years, which highlighted the popularity of landscape views of tourist destinations from the eighteenth century onwards.  A diverse collection of later works showed how personal, expressive visions of place replaced literal descriptive views from the beginning of the twentieth century.  The exhibition explored a number of themes: Souvenirs of the Grand Tour; The Ideal Landscape; Venice in the nineteenth century  and Modern Approaches to Landscape.

Exhibition Brochure:
Destination Europe: Landscapes from the Collection
© 2006 National Gallery of Ireland
Editors Anne Hodge and Niamh MacNally